Welcome to Carlsbad Pawn Shop

Best place to pawn stuff in Carlsbad, California.Visit Carlsbad Pawn Shop for the highest collateral cash loans in San Diego County. We specialize in serving Carlsbad residents who want to pawn jewelry, pawn gold, or pawn other estate assets such as Swiss timepieces and designer handbags. Why put your credit rating at risk with a cash advance, when you can get a fast and easy cash loan with your luxury collateral.

If you are asking, “Aren’t the finance charges really high at Carlsbad pawn shops?” The answer is our that finance rates are a lot lower than those charged by pawn shops in some other states and less than you might think. In addition, your privacy is guaranteed!

Our experienced and friendly pawnbrokers have served thousands of residents in Carlsbad and communities throughout San Diego County. We finance collateral loans ranging from $2,500 to $50,000 (and beyond), depending on the resale value of your item. Give us a call at (619) 236-9603. We’ll put more cash in your pocket today!

Carlsbad Pawn Shop is the Carlsbad pawnbroker service division of SDJB. We serve residents from our easy-to-find offices and showroom at the corner of 6th Avenue and E Street, Downtown San Diego.